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Secure Crypto Trading Mix: Chatbots, 2FA, and Multisig Wallets

Chatbots are innovative technologies that allow making crypto trading easy and effective. There are copious operations that can be held with the help of smart bots. Yet, it’s not always possible to provide a proper security level of transactions via bots. There are some other ways to protect your digital money. Why Chatbots Are Not […]

Cornix Trading Bot for Telegram: A Comprehensive review

Thinking of using Cornix trading bot? If yes, then get ready for setting the standard for automated trading. Automate your trading based on trading view alerts or the Telegram signal groups. Let the Cornix mobile app and Telegram bot do trading for you at anytime, anyplace. Simply connect Cornix to Tradingview scripts and the bot […]

3commas Pricing, Review and Alternative Crypto Bots

3commas is a cryptocurrency trading platform that seeks to simplify and enhance the process of trading cryptocurrencies. Its ultimate goal is to minimize trader’s risks and limit exposure to losses while maximizing profits when trading various cryptocurrencies. Understanding 3commas The platform comes with automated trading bots that help traders of all experience, record consistent gains […]

Fake Volumes In The Cryptocurrency Market

In March 2019, Bitwise, a cryptocurrency asset management firm, shook the market by publishing a damning report on trading volumes. The paper stated that most of the volumes that were aggregated by popular crypto tracker CoinMarketCap (CMC) were, in fact, fake. The document goes into detail on how large portions (95%!) of the processed data […]

How I Doubled My Crypto Investment in 1 Month Using Smart Trading Strategies

Harness the volatile market with Telegram signals and Tradingview signals with email trigger. Brief history I’m doing crypto trading since last 1.5 year. Throughout the experience, I saw many ups and down. There was the time when I saw where Bitcoin (BTC) was surging every day by 5–10% and within a short span, it reached […]

Cryptohopper Review, Pricing, Features and Alternatives

Automated trading bots have seen a surge in adoption in recent years as they offer many features that allow even beginners to start trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptohopper is such a bot that trades automatically on your behalf according to your technique. If you are planning to venture into the multibillion-dollar cryptocurrency arena, but have little experience […]

Read This Before Choosing A Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin’s popularity continues to grow by the day thanks to an increase in the number of cryptocurrency trading platforms offering support to the flagship altcoins. Similarly, there is already talking of the cryptocurrency going mainstream, given the amount of volume and orders it continues to command in the burgeoning market. While exploring ways of investing […]

Best Crypto Trading Bots – Overview, Comparison, Pricing, Reviews

Introduction With prices fluctuating dramatically even in the space of seconds and minutes, crypto currencies are known for being volatile.  Today, crypto currencies have become a global phenomenon known to everyone. Crypto currencies are digital and use cryptography for secured online transactions. The most popular cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Binance Coin etc.  […]

The Best Bitcoin Trading Bot for Consistent Profits: Guide

The cryptocurrency market never sleeps. Bitcoin being the flagship cryptocurrency is one of the most traded digital coins given the extreme levels of volatility and liquidity it commands in the burgeoning market. Given that the industry is still in the early stages of development, the use of the Bitcoin trading bot has become a necessity […]

BitMex Trading and The Different Types Of Assets Supported By BitMex Exchange

HDR Global Trading Limited established BitMex exchange in 2014 and since then it has witnessed meteoric growth to become a leading cryptocurrency exchange. The Seychelles domiciled exchange is a popular derivative trading and Bitmex margin trading. However, BitMex trading is somewhat different because it does not offer direct Bitcoin or cryptocurrency directly. Traders deal with […]