Understanding Order Types

Why You Should Consider Placing Trailing Stop Buy Order?

Placing Trailing Stop Buy order via TrailingCrypto Everyone wants to benefit as the price of asset moves higher and is willing to wait for the gains, but at the same time, one might think that it’s unlikely to happen. While you are waiting, the market may rise or fall. After all, there is no asset […]

How one can Take Advantage of Take Profit and Trailing Take Profits?

No wonder that crypto trading market has received an overwhelming response in 2021. It was turned out to be quite a promising year for a significant number of cryptocurrencies. All this has grabbed the huge attention of the novice and experienced traders. But what’s next in 2022? Cryptocurrencies will definitely hit all-time high prices followed […]

Why Should You Learn How to Use Trailing Limit Sell Order?

Cryptocurrency trading is maturing as an investment vehicle. However, it remains certain that the risk and volatility is never going to go away. Yet, the market continues to provide great opportunities for revenue generation. Fortuitously, there are tools that traders can utilize to mitigate the inherent risk in crypto trading. One such tool is trailing […]

How To Place a Bracket Order on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A bracket order is an order type where a trader can execute a new trade which consists of a target price, as well as a stop loss. It involves the execution of two more orders, namely the stop-loss order and profit-taking order when the trader executes the main order. If the profit-taking order is executed, […]

How Does Sell Limit Order Work?

The primary objectives of forex traders are to reduce risk and to maximize profits. This way, they get to protect their hard-earned money and to earn more profits. To this end, the traders make use of several orders to instruct brokers. Notably, limit orders are significant in the traders’ efforts to achieve these objectives. Traders […]

How Does Buy Limit Order Work?

From the most stripped down perspective, forex trading is simply a collection of orders from a trader to the broker. The order gives explicit instructions to the broker to perform certain actions under certain conditions. Sometimes, the broker sends orders to a trader, for example, to top up their accounts to avoid automatic exiting of […]

BitMEX Margin Trading Guide: How to Trade on BitMEX with Leverage?

Bitmex Margin Trading Trailingcrypto can be used to perform advanced trading operations on Bitmex like Trailing Take Profit, Conditional Buy, OCO, OSO, Trigger Based Custom OSO, etc. Understanding Order form terminology Order Type: Select desired order type from dropdown. One difference here from Spot trading is Buy/Long and Sell/Short are interchangeably used. Market: This field represents […]

Price Ladder Trading – Multiple stops and profit Targets in Crypto

Laddering (incrementally moving in and out of positions): Instead of buying or selling at a single price, one would set incremental buy / sell limit orders up and down the order book, buying when the price goes down and selling when the price goes up. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how […]