2 thoughts on “List of supported order types”

  1. Hi I am new to all of this.
    My question is why when I use your site to purchase a coin it does not reflect on Binance Exchange.
    Secondly when I set a take profit request on Trailing Crypto after refreshing a few times my wallet does not move from available to pending.
    Lastly is there a step by step procedure to follow that shows the interaction between Binance Exchange and Trailing Crypto.
    it shows profit percentage but when execution is supposed to take place my order history says “insufficient balance for requested action” yet the wallet reflects there is a balance.

    1. All advance orders remain on Trailingcrypto platform until final execution. At the time stop is hit either a market order or a limit order is placed on the respective exchange. You can click on refresh icon in open orders tab to get the current status of all open orders including trailing ones.
      That error means you placed an order with amount more than whats available in your wallet. Check if balance is under available or pending state.

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