One thought on “How Stop Loss works?”

  1. Hi,

    My expectation would be, that when I submit a STOP LOSS – TRAILING order, then the monitoring of the max value (from which the actual stop price is calculated with the offset) starts only after the initial stop price was hit.

    My observation is, that actually the max value is monitored from the time, when the STOP LOSS – TRAILING order was submitted. Below are the details of the actual trade, where I set the initial stop value to 5.7 and the offset to 1%. At the time, when the TRAILING STOP SELL order was automatically placed (when the price reached 5.7), the stop value was already 5.805657, so a market sell order was automatically placed.

    Coin: USDT/BNB
    Volume: 2
    Price: 5.70000000
    Condition: Stop: 5.7, Offset:1%
    Loss: 2.80%
    Closed Date: 1/13/2019, 2:25:42 AM

    Coin: USDT/BNB
    Volume: 2
    Price: 5.70000000
    Condition: Offset:1%
    Comment: DMAX:2.80%, Stop:5.805657, Max:5.8643, Current:5.7, Profit:-2.80%
    Closed Date: 1/13/2019, 5:08:14 PM

    Could you please fix this behavior, if this is a bug?


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