4 thoughts on “How Take Profit works?”

  1. do you have to place a sell order on your binance exchange then a trailing stop sell order on Trailing crypto platform…how do you sell a coin and what would you expect to see on the trailing crpto platorm wallet will ir be under available or pending.
    How would you know if the trailing stop sell has been activated….please could someone explain step by step how the process will work and what indicators you are to look out for to know that your command to trailing stop has been activated and is will be successful.

    1. All advance orders remain on Trailingcrypto platform until final execution. At the time stop is hit either a market order or a limit order is placed on the respective exchange. You can click on refresh icon in open orders tab to get the current status of all open orders including trailing ones. What should be the offset value is an individual decision and depends on many factors. we shouldn’t give any recommendation on that.

  2. “Case 1 Take Profit with Market Sell:
    Suppose the current bid price of NEO is $100. Now someone placed a Take Profit with Market Sell order, for 1 NEO coin with a stop value $110. Now when the NEO market bid price hit $110, a Market Sell order will be placed at $115.”
    Why $115? Should not there be $110?

  3. My undertanding is that the Market Sell order value in Case 1 in hypothetical example above should be 110 and not 115.

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