Unable to find Trading Pair – NANO, YOYO, BCC

There is a bit of term ambiguity across various exchanges that may cause confusion among new-coming traders. Some exchanges call markets as pairs, whereas other exchanges call symbols as products. In terms of the TrailingCrypto, each exchange contains one or more trading markets. Each market has an id and a symbol. Most symbols are pairs of base currency and quote currency.
Historically various symbolic names have been used to designate same trading pairs. Some cryptocurrencies (like Dash) even changed their names more than once during their ongoing lifetime. For consistency across exchanges the trailingcrypto will perform the following known substitutions for symbols and currencies:
  • XBT → BTC : XBT is newer but BTC is more common among exchanges and sounds more like bitcoin (read more).
  • BCC → BCH : The Bitcoin Cash fork is often called with two different symbolic names: BCC and BCH . The name BCC is ambiguous for Bitcoin Cash, it is confused with BitConnect. The TrailingCrypto will convert BCC to BCH where it is appropriate (some exchanges and aggregators confuse them).
  • DRK → DASH : DASH was Darkcoin then became Dash (read more).
  • DSH → DASH : Try not to confuse symbols and currencies. The DSH (Dashcoin) is not the same as DASH (Dash). Some exchanges have DASH labeled inconsistently as, DSH the Trailingcrypto does a correction for that as well ( DSH → DASH ), but only on certain exchanges that have these two currencies confused, whereas most exchanges have them both correct. Just remember that DASH/BTC is not the same as DSH/BTC .
  • NANOXRB : NANO is the newer code for Rai blocks, however, TrailingCrypto unified API uses the older XRB for backward-compatibility with existing exchanges and data providers.
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